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Closed Circuit TV

We provide solutions for a wide variety of closed circuit television systems to meet varying customer video surveillance requirements.

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access control

Access Control

We provide solutions for access control of vehicle gates, community, tennis and pool area pedestrian gates, as well as common area building doors.

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vehicle and traffic control

Vehicle & Traffic Control

We provide automation service and installations for existing vehicle and pedestrian gates as well as all new entry systems.

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gate house and visitor management

Gate House & Visitor Management

We provide installation and service for a variety of gate house and visitor management systems.

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automated gates and fencing

Automated Gates

We fabricate and install a variety of automated gates using quality materials including wood, wrought iron, and metal.

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With our main office centrally based in Orange County, we offer Southern California professional, customer-centered installation and service for a wide variety of product lines that include automated gates, gate house and high rise visitor management systems, access control systems, LPR and IP camera systems, and fiber & wireless IP networks.

Our primary goal is to professionally meet our customer's requirements with regard to the service and installation of our product offerings, no matter what the size of their requirements. Our goal is to build a loyal partnership with our customers by reducing obstacles and alleviating concerns regarding service, maintenance and installation of all our product offerings.

Our business philosophy is predicated on the belief that word of mouth references and referrals are the best of any marketing plan and this honor is earned through superior customer service.

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