Access Control & CCTV
Access Control
  • We provide access control solutions for vehicles and pedestrians. Including areas such as community perimeters, multi-family high rise buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, tennis and pool area pedestrian gates, as well as common area and building doors.

  • We provide independent access control systems for differing areas as well as fully integrated access control systems sharing a common database between multiple campus access control systems, including gate house and high rise visitor management systems when applicable.
  • We provide solutions for a wide variety of closed circuit television systems to meet varying customer video surveillance requirements.
  • We design systems ranging from simple analog to high definition IP, utilizing copper, fiber optics and/or high bandwidth wireless IP networks.

  • We also install license plate reader (LPR) cameras and license plate recognition software systems to integrate with access control and gate house visitor management systems.
  • CCTV
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