Gates & Automation
Automated Gate

  • We provide automation service and installations for existing vehicle and pedestrian gates as well as all new entry systems.

  • Our offerings range from basic automation to integration of advanced access control, visitor management software, guest entry phone and camera based systems.
  • We fabricate and install a huge variety of wood clad and wood inset gates, all with steel rust-inhibited frames.

  • We can provide unfinished wood, completely finished wood, and wood types to satisfy the budget minded or even the most discriminating customer requirements.
  • Wood Clad Gate
  • We fabricate and install a wide variety of wrought iron gates from light and simple designs to ornate and very heavy.

  • We can fabricate custom ornamentals and/or laser cut entire custom gates from plate steel utilizing our computer aided design software. Installations can vary from independent wrought iron posts to integration with masonry walls and columns.
  • Wrought Iron Gate
  • We fabricate and install unique specialty metal gates integrating various materials as desired.

  • Specialty metals include multiple grades of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plate steel as desired.

  • Integration of other materials, such as glass, wood or stone into the specialty metal gates can also be accommodated.
  • Specialty Metal Gate
  • We provide a wide variety of gate accessories and applications to accommodate the requirements of our many types of customers.

  • This includes guest entry phones, emergency vehicle automated access devices, various types of wheels, a large variety of hinges, and many other accessories and applications too extensive to list here entirely.

  • With over three decades of experience there are few options we have not already serviced and installed.
  • Automated Gate Applications
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