Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
We offer preventative maintenance contracts to all of our customers to ensure the proper functioning of all gate, CCTV, visitor management, IP Network and access control systems. We make certain that all of the parts within these systems are working properly and we replace damaged or excessively worn parts at a discounted price. Insure your gate, CCTV, or access control system and choose the preventative maintenance contract that is right for you!

Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PMC):

  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly, & Quarterly Contracts
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates
  • Barrier Arm Operators and Spike Units
  • Computer and Networking Equipment
  • Camera and Access Control Systems

  • PMC customers also receive the following benefits:

  • Discount on Remote Programming | Discount on Parts | Discount on 24/7 Service

  • Preventative Maintenance crews are dedicated to maintenance, keeping equipment operational and minimizing service calls. For our new PMC customers, our crews provide our CSR team a thorough accounting of the customer equipment for our service database. Also for our new PMC customers, when necessary, our crews will provide a full list of deferred maintenance requirement so our CSR team can provide reports, quotes and prioritization for deferred maintenance items.

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